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Publications for Sale

Following publications are available for sale at the PUCL office in New Delhi.


Souvenir: XIII Journalism for Human Rights Award & XIV JP Memorial Lecture, Award winning articles of Teesta Setalvad

Rs. 15/- 

Citation: Mukul, IX Journalism for Human Rights Award winning articles for 1989

Rs. 3/-
Citation: Sajan Abraham, XI Journalism for Human Rights Award articles for 1991 Rs. 3/-
Citation: P Sainath, XIV Journalism for Human Rights Award, 1994 Rs. 3/-
Citation: Utpal Bordoloi, XV Journalism for Human Rights Award articles for 1995 Rs. 3/-
Citation: Subhas Ganguly, XVI Journalism Human Rights Award articles for 1996 Rs. 3/-
J.P.Memorial Lecture by V.M.Tarkunde: &;Communalism and Human Rights&;, 1993 Rs. 5/-
PUCL - J..P. Memorial Lectures - 1998, Fourth Edition Rs. 40/-
The Banjhi Massacre: Report of Fact Finding Team, PUCL Bihar Rs. 2/-
Fact Finding Report - Kidnapping in Bihar: PUCL Bihar Rs. 3/-
Black Laws - 1984-85: PUCL Delhi Rs. 5/-
Death in Ranchi Mental Asylum: Prabhakar Sinha, JP Karna, Keshav Mohan, Prashant Kumar: PUCL Bihar Rs. 5/-
Know PUCL: An introduction to PUCL, (1998 edition.) Rs. 20/-
Report on Police Firing on workers at Abhanpur: PUCL Rs. 7/-
Brutal Attacks on Social Workers by Jungle Mafia in Chhattisgarh, 1995: PUCL Rs. 5/-
Report on Police Firing in Mahendragarh, Haryana, 1997: National PUCL Rs. 5/-
&;Democratic&; Elections in Bihar: Report to the Nation on Banka By-election, 1986: National PUCL Rs. 10/-
Justice Denied: Report on communal incidents at Meerut, UP, 1987: National PUCL Rs. 2/-
Kashmir: A Report to the Nation,1993: PUCL-CFD Rs. 20/-
Violence and State Excesses- Nimad (MP), 1997: National PUCL Rs. 10/-
Farmers in Multai: Ruined by hailstorm, ravaged by Bullet storm Rs. 20/-
XV JP Memorial Lecture:Human Rights and Rule of Law 1995: Amrik Singh Rs. 5/-
States of Human Rights in India, XVIII JP Memorial Lecture. 1998 - Surendra Mohan Rs. 5/-
Report on Charaar-e-shareef Rs. 10/-
Report on Communal Incidents At Meerut, April-May, 1987 Rs. 15/-
Souvenir : XII Journalism for Human Rights Award & XII JP Memorial Lecture. March 23, 1993 Rs. 15/-
Citation: Kathyayini Chamraj: XVII PUCL &;Journalism for Human Rights&; Award (for 1997), 1998 Rs. 5/-
Nineteenth JP Memorial Lecture: In Search of Roots - Rajendra Yadav Rs. 15/-
Citation: Jyoti Punwani & K R Meera :XVIII PUCL &;Journalism for Human Rights&; Award (for 1998), 1999 Rs. 20/-
Dastak : Souvenir - PUCL Rajasthan, PUCL National Convention, 1999 Rs. 20/-
Loktantra mein soochnaa kaa adhikaar (Hindi) Ramashraya Prasad Singh, President, PUCL, Begusarai, Bihar Rs. 10/-

Bihar PUCL -- 25 year compilation of reports and other material

Silver Jubilee Publications: Peoples Union for Civil Liberties, Bihar Branch

On completion of 25 years of its existence PUCL Bihar has compiled its enquiry reports and other papers and brought them out in two large volumes

Volume 1: xi+523 pages containing 71 State level investigative enquiry reports
Volume 2: xxxi+508 pages containing more State level nd district level enquiry reports and the documents

Contribution: Hardbound: Rs 525/- each Volum Rs 750/- per set plus postage extra Rs 65/- 

Paperback: Rs 350/- each Volume Rs 550/- per set plus postage extra Rs 65/- 

President, PUCL (Bihar) East & West Educational Society, Arogya Mandir Hospital Compound, Nala Road, Patna, Bihar-800 004.


How to use Right to Information Act? 
Prabhakar Sinha

Soochnaa Kaa Adhikaar: Jan-Jan Kaa Hathiyaar

Published by Bihar State PUCL
204 Neelgiri Bhawan, Boring Cannal Road, Patna, Bihar 800 001


Also available from:

PUCL, 81 Sahayoga Apartments, Mayur Vihar, Delhi – 110 091

Support amount Rs. 15 + Postage


Rs. 15/-


Selections from PUCL Bulletin, Volume II


Contribution Rs. 110/- per copy plus postage

  • Section VI: Civil Liberties
    1 Selection 
  • Section VII: Freedom of Information & Expression and the Press
    14 Selections
  • Section VIII: Black Laws
    16 Selections
  • Section IX: Police Excesses
    9 Selections
  • Section X: Prisons
    8 Selections
  • Section XI: Judiciary
    14 Selections
Rs. 110/-


Muslim Widows
A case study in Delhi

By Neelofer Harem

The life of a widow and the social practices surrounding widowhood
in the countries of the Indian Sub-Continent show a cross-border
cross-cultural uniformity. In every culture or religious group
widowhood is inauspicious. The life of a widow is marked by suffering and social exclusion, if not destitution. Some cultures have some institutional support systems but, by and large, these support
systems also fall prey to misuse and corruption.

Most pathetic is the condition of widows who have to live on their
own. The condition becomes worse if they also have some children to support, especially daughters.

Contribution: Rs. 20. per copy plus postage.

Rs. 20/-

A collection of all the PUCL JP Memorial Lectures delivered since 1981
Special edition on the occasion of completion of 25 years of the PUCL

  1. In Quest of &;People&; of India: Dada Dharmadhikari
  2. Eternal Vigilance: Price of Civil Liberties: Achyut Patwardhan
  3. Towards A New Politics: Rajmohan Gandhi
  4. Law and Human Rights: Y.V. Chandrachud
  5. Promoting Human Rights in India: Rajindar Sachar
  6. Behind Liberty and Equality: Wherefore Indian Socialism? O. Chinnappa Reddy
  7. Humans Without Rights: V.R. Krishna Iyer
  8. Reinterpreting Democracy for Our Times: Rajni Kothari
  9. The Integrity of Institutions and Individual: K.G. Kannabiran
  10. Is Socialism Dead: Nikhil Chakravartty
  11. Communalism and Human Rights: V.M. Tarkunde
  12. The Brutalized State: S. Sahay
  13. Human Rights and the Rule of Law: Amrik Singh
  14. Rebellions Galore, But No Change (Some pages from women&;s struggle diary): Manimala
  15. Human Rights and Law Enforcement Agencies: Chaman Lal
  16. The State of Human Rights in India: Surendra Mohan
  17. In Search of Roots: Rajendra Yadav
  18. Nuclearisation, Human Rights, and Ethics: Amulya KN. Reddy
  19. Diminishing Freedoms of the Poor - The Poor Future: S.R. Sankaran

​All enquiries should be addressed to:

PUCL, 81 Sahayoga Apartments, Mayur Vihar I, Delhi-110 091
Contribution Rs.70/- per copy plus postage

Also available:
Rs. 20.00

Rs. 20/-


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