People's Union for Civil Liberties

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Organisational Structure

The PUCL has a three-tier structure. The base is the general body known as the National Convention. Then there are the National Council, and its Executive. Elections of the office bearers, the National Council, including the National Executive Committee, are held according to the provisions of the Constitution appended at the end. The office bearers carryout the policy and programmes laid down by the National Council and its Executive Committee.

The national PUCL establishes the State branches. The structure of a State branch follows the pattern at the national level. The State branch and its office bearers organise and co-ordinate the working of the organisation in the State concerned. They are responsible for establishing local branches in the district and cities and towns. Here too the structure follows the same pattern.

Guidelines for action

The base of the PUCL are the local level branches. The office bearers and the members of a local branch are the most crucial functionaries, as only they are in a position to intervene directly. Also, it is here that the actual suppression or the denial of the liberties of the people takes place. It is the activities at the local level that give shape and an identity to the organisation. The initiative and the alertness shown by the members at the district or city level is the most important element in the movement for civil liberties.

Wherever necessary, a local branch can and should enlist the help and support of the state branch, and, if necessary, also of the national PUCL. The state and the national PUCL can only act on the basis of the information supplied by the local branch to support their work. Whenever some important situation develops affecting the liberties of some individuals, or a group, or the common people, the concerned branch of the PUCL has to ascertain the facts before taking any action or committing itself to an action taken by some other group or organisation. Care should be taken not to become involved in activities of political parties or groups.

If some incident takes place that is of wider importance it is always better to organise action at a wider level (State and/or national). Co-ordination of activities with the State and/or national office is of utmost importance.

Care should always be taken that one local/State branch does not take initiative on a problem in the area of any other local/State branch unless requested by the concerned branch or advised by the State or National office at Delhi to do so. If some matter concerns two local/State branches the other local/state counterpart can be contacted directly or through the National office.


The PUCL has its branches in almost all the States. The National PUCL and the Delhi State PUCL always act in close co-ordination as both the offices work from Delhi. The Mumbai PUCL has been established as a branch separate from the Maharashtra PUCL.

All the State/local branches are required to print letter-heads with the address of the national office at Delhi at the bottom, apart from their own address at the top.

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