People's Union for Civil Liberties

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Get Involved

How can I become a member of the PUCL?

Download the PUCL membership form and mail the same to the State / Local branch of the PUCL.

What are the types of Membership to the PUCL?

You can become an Annual Member, a Life Member or a Patron Member.
The provision of Life Members and Patron Members in the PUCL Constitution does not create a hierarchy of membership. It simply gives an opportunity to those who want to pay more as membership fee in a lump sum to do so.

  India Foreign
Patron  Rs. 2000  
Life  Rs. 1000  
Annual  Rs. 50 US $15
Students/ Limited Income  Rs. 10  


Can I intern under a PUCL activist?

If you are a college / university student interested in defending human rights, you may apply for an internship programme at the local / state branch.
Please find contact information for state / local branches here.

How do I stay updated?

You can learn more about human rights, and the work the PUCL does, in one or more of the following ways.

Subscribe to the PUCL Bulletin
Subscribe to this website’s RSS feed
Follow us on Social Media : Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Soundcloud and Google Plus
Become a member and subscribe to weekly / fortnightly updates from your local PUCL branch

What is the PUCL Bulletin?

The PUCL publishes a monthly journal in English, the PUCL Bulletin. It was founded by Satish Jha, Arun Jaitley, Smitu Kothari and Neeraja Chowdhary and helped bring a large number of people to the fold of PUCL. The monthly journal is printed and couriered to your physical / snail-mail address. 

How do I subscribe to the PUCL bulletin?

You can subscribe to the PUCL bulletin by paying your local PUCL branch an Annual Bulletin Subscrition Fee.

Annual subscription to the PUCL Bulletin

  India Foreign
PUCL Members Rs. 10 US $25
Non-Members  Rs. 120 US $50
Libraries/ Institution Rs. 150 US $60





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